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We know that hair loss is not a fun party to be invited to. It's a nasty friend that no one wants to date with. But Hey, you are not alone. We know all about thin hair problem and every night googling for "female with hair loss." We know all the struggles you are dealing with your hair.

We are here to make you feel like a freaking superstar. Our premium topper and wigs collections offer you variety of base sizes, colors and lengths. And Let you a positive and confidence-boosting experience.

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I just want to show you how absolutely gorgeous she is ?? I’m absolutely in love with the colour, it’s a sort of chestnut brown which reminds me sooo much of the first topper I bought but sadly had to get rid of almost instantly after deciding to shave my head. The colour feels really rich and warm and I find it super flattering on my skin tone ?? the wig itself is 100% remy human hair and it feels super soft and has a lovely shine to it. The lace is virtually undetectable. The wig is 13x6, the cap size is average but I would say it comes up ever so slightly bigger than I am used to (but nothing that can’t be fixed by adjusting it using the adjusters inside the cap). Once adjusted the wig feels perfectly secure and even without glue or tape I have no worries about it shifting. The wig is 150% density and is slightly longer than I am used to but is layered in style so does not feel thick or heavy to wear, it feels super lightweight and comfortable ?? I’m absolutely buzzing with everything about her.


The hair is soft, it can tangle at the nape but I get that with a few wigs. The volume you can get on the top is insane which I love. It’s a small cap and I have a tiny little pea head but this does fit me quite well. I will probably do a little adjusting tho just to make it super snug. I actually love this hair, the colour is gorgeous, so light and ashy.


I’m really happy and it really comfortable on the head which is obviously the main thing. I do have a 22.5 inch circumference head and this is average cap, i think she fits me personally really well. The hair itself is remy human hair, it’s super soft, super silky. I think the hair itself and the way she fits sort of overflows. She looks really nice, the color itself a really nice and deep dark brown color and has those sort of richer tones in it.


OMG!can you guys see my hair? I have always dreamed of such a wig, which I have seen in American or English Alopecians. A wig that gives you more possibilities, although, as I have heard more than once, "it can wear out faster" by gluing the net. But in my opinion, it is much cooler because it mimics the natural hairline near the face. And besides, if it wears out faster, for the price of a "grazing wig" I have 3 of them. In a word, I am delighted and discovering experimenting with hairstyles. Thanks so much @wigshehair for this wig. ??Thank you @wigshehair for this wig, which is discovering new possibilities for me


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After doing lots of research on human hair wigs, I decided to give WigShe a try and I couldn't be more happy. I got the wig in 18 inches, 120% density, lightly bleached knots, and with an average size cap. The color is really amazing and just what I was hoping for and the lace front is fantastic. When I got it, it was straight but it has this great wave pattern (just the way I would wear my bio hair if I had any) which dried naturally after washing and conditioning in purple shampoo. I wore it out today for the first time and got multiple compliments.

I'm so happy with the 029, I bought 075 (New Pearly Blonde Balayage HD Lace Human Hair Wig) in 22 inches!

You won't be sorry with a wigshe wig.
Bewley Donna
This is the first wig purchased from Wigshe. I have alopecia areata and have lost almost all my hair in a month ( This is due to my using of the DS Laboratory 5% Nanoxidil, so be aware of that). My wig journey is quite expensive that I purchased several wigs from other websites, till now the one I bought from WigsShe is the most satisfactory one. It has the most realistic hairline and I almost no need to do any further hair cut to put it on. I ordered the 120 density and the volume is so natural. I am planning to order my next one with precut band and highlight. Hopefully it will meet my expectation, Thank you WigShe for providing the budget human hair wigs for someone in needs.
Ho Wai
I've ordered 2 of these wigs (different colors), and I love them! They're great quality, and I love that I can order a bigger cap size as I'm a tall woman (5'10") with a larger head. I would definitely recommend these wigs to anyone. The only downside is since they are custom made-to-order, it takes a little longer to get the wig than from the major drop-shipping wig websites. I'm fine with waiting a little longer for a good quality product that has amazing prices! Their customer service is amazing and very responsive.
Jenn T.
Thank you! This is my 1st human hair wig and it’s perfect. I got the 100% density in natural black and it looks so natural. Thank you for making this affordable and quality. I will be ordering again!
Not the best photo, but this is a great wig! The knots are a little dark for me since I’m a chemo patient, even with requesting fully bleached knots, but the hairline is very real. I’ve gotten SO MANY compliments on this wig! I went for the 16”, and I may have it cut a bit shorter. I curled it myself at 350°. I wet the part and blow dried it upside down and I store it upside down to get that volume up top. Love it!
Logan Kelly
I really didn’t know what to expect and was super anxious. It sure took a while to ship, but the quality is sooo solid (like it better than the 2,000 hair I bought a while back). This is such an amazing value, worth the wait. I have to say they were also fairly responsive. I’m soooo pleased.
Wow, wow, wow! I am so impressed with your quality of wigs. I've been wearing wigs for 36 years due to alopecia areata. I was scrolling through Facebook and found your site. I'm so HAPPY I found you!! The quality and softness of the hair is amazing!! Your customer service is top-notch, and all my questions were answered within a day or two. The timing of the custom-made wig was quick and the shipping was even faster. I am so excited to have found you. I cannot wait to order my next wig! Thank you, thank you!! 10+ stars!!
Awesome quality for the price ! Very comfortable cap and density . Hair is so soft and manageable.. will definitely be ordering more ! Don’t let the price scare you off the quality is awesome
Adams Danna
I recently received hair wig WIG067 and I am extremely happy with the quality. It is truly a beautiful wig. The service provided was also fantastic, as they personally reached out to me tot ensure the wig cap was the perfect size. This was my first time ordering from Wigshe and it will not be my last! Highly recommend.
Stefanie Mantzanis
I just received my hat wig in dark brown and I LOVE IT! The cap is stretchy and so comfortable. What I really love is the hair color and quality! The color matches my brunette hair perfectly and the hair is soft and silky. Its the kind of hair I've dreamed of having my whole life. I ordered it very long so I could make a braid, but I love running my fingers through it and it doesn't tangle!
Dorbert Christine

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