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What is Mono base hair topper?

Mono Base is made of an ultra-fine mesh material in which the single strands are hand-tied to give the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp. The single base material is woven more tightly than lace. With this base type, hairpieces can have a higher density of hair than regular lace base hairpieces.

Why are the colors represented differently in different lighting or devices?

Please note that actual colors may vary. Although we do our best to photograph and edit the truest, most accurate color representation; the actual color of the wig/topper may appear slightly different in person. This can be due to the way each monitor/display/phone renders color, how your eye sees color, and how different lighting environments (shade/sun, indoor/outdoor, natural lighting/florescent lighting, etc) affects color.

What length hair should I order?

If your are considering to get a hair topper, we recommend ordering at least 1-2 inches longer than your hair. This gives a little wiggle room incase you want to have it trimmed by your stylist. We measure our wigs and toppers from the crown down. We do measure the hair stretched, so please take this into account for curly hair.