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What is lace base hair topper?

The lace base is made of lace material with individual hair tied to the base, which is a good choice if you want to make sure the front hairline mimics your own. The lace base is usually lightweight and breathable. It is designed to be comfortable to wear.

How to wash human hair wig and topper?

Before you wash, make sure you carefully detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb. Rinse from hair root to the tips in lukewarm water. Or immerse the piece in lukewarm water Wash the piece with mild shampoo

Smooth the shampoo from root to the hair tips section by section. DO NOT twist or rub. Gently rinse the piece from root to tips in lukewarm water.

Squeeze excess water. DO NOT wring the hair.

Apply leave-in conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends(avoid the roots or knots) and leave in for a few minutes.

Cleanse the piece in lukewarm water and comb the hair with your fingers to keep the hair in the same direction

Gently squeeze excess water. DO NOT rub or wring.

Lightly blot hair with a towel DO NOT twist or wring

Secure your hair topper on a Wig Head and part the hair as you want. Then blow dry the hair.

How to Apply and Remove Hair Toppers

To apply your clip-in hair topper:

1. Firstly, open all the pressure sensitive clips on your topper
2. Next, align the topper over your hair loss area
3. Make sure the topper is also aligned with your hairline
4. Now gently clip in the front, back, and then the side clips. Make sure the base of the hair topper is taut when you secure it
5. If one of the clips feels uncomfortable like it is pulling, simply unclip it and gently clip it in again
6. The last step is to blend the topper with your bio hair and style the topper to how you like

How to remove your clip-in hair topper:

1. Firstly, open all the clips before you take your topper off
2. Gently remove every strand of your own hair that may be stuck in the clips
3. Now gently pull the topper off your head
4. Place the topper on a topper stand or mannequin head