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We've all had a bad hair day. But for those who are experiencing hair loss, the psychological pain of losing your hair can be severe and worrisome. And, if you're distressed about it, it certainly doesn't mean you're vain. Hair is an important part of our identity. Hair loss can trigger a range of emotions, from shame and anger to fear and even depression. with the right support and treatment, you can move forward with a sense of control and confidence. So if you're really struggling, realize that it's fine to feel this way - and that you're not alone.

Inspired by Alopecia Awareness Month, we put this list together of our favorite hair loss heros. Finding a good hair loss community and reliable information can make all the difference in a journey with hair loss. Follow@Wigshe, where you will find information, personal stories, and products to help you through the difficult times.

We talk about Everything Alopecia, Coping with Hair Loss, Thinning Hair, the Best Wigs and Hair Replacement Systems. We hope you are inspired.

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Hi! I’m Lorraine. I first started noticing my hair thinning in my early twenties. I’d always had long, beautiful shiny hair. I was the girl at school with the dead straight (no straighteners then!), shiny and long hair. Then I hit 20 and it felt like I’d lost a quarter of it overnight. The texture changed, it was no longer the smooth shiny hair I’d known but was now frizzy and flyaway.

I would colour it all different colours, when I say it’s been every colour I really mean it! Colouring it always made it look a little thicker.

It got to a point where I was wearing clip in extensions everyday, not for fashion reasons but to try and bulk out what wasn’t there anymore. It made my confidence plummet. I’d been pretty happy with how I saw myself until then. Now all I could see was my scalp. It’s all I could focus on. I wouldn’t go out in windy weather or if it was raining. If my hair moved people would notice.

When lockdown happened it was the thinnest it had ever been and I was desperate. I ordered my first ever human hair wig, I thought as we’re stuck at home why not? No one can see me if it looks awful! When it arrived and I put it on for the first time I burst into tears. I looked like me again. I felt like me again. When people say it’s only hair, they have no idea. Hairloss robs you of YOU.

I’ve since been diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, I knew it was coming but it was still a blow.

A month later my fiancé helped me shave what was left of my hair off. I haven’t looked back. I’m almost at a point where I’m happy with my little bald egg now. Hairloss doesn’t define us, it’s who we are on the inside that counts.


My hair had been getting thinner over the course of a few years but I believed it to be due to damage from using heat and boxed hair dye. Then whilst pregnant with my second child, I noticed that I seemed to be losing a much more noticeable amount of hair, and that my hair was becoming increasingly harder to style due to a lack of volume and a frizzy texture (no matter what products I used). Following my son's birth, the hair loss only got worse. Hair would come out in huge clumps when I washed it, my scalp was visible from almost every angle, my self esteem took a huge hit. All I could think about was my hair, or lack of hair. I would analyse my head from every angle, I'd constantly take pictures and scrutinise them and compare them to other pictures taken days, weeks and months before. I would keep all the hair that fell out whilst washing my hair and compare it to how much came out the next time. My hair loss was my life. I felt ugly, I felt ashamed, I felt annoyed at myself for being so upset but I couldn't help it. I distanced myself from friends, I dreaded leaving the house. I spent hundreds, probably thousands of pounds on different pills and potions and magical hair loss cures, none of which worked and left me feeling worse. I was terrified of admitting defeat and trying alternative hair but I knew I didn't have much choice. In November 2021 I took the plunge and tried alternative hair, a silk topper, and that's when my life and outlook changed. The topper made me feel more like myself than I had in years, the feeling of wearing alternative hair had once been terrifying but now felt so comforting. But seeing my bio hair, even when on my own, still distressed me, and I knew that I needed to get rid of it.

On 23 January 2021 I took the plunge and shaved my head. The relief I felt was immeasurable, it was unreal, as soon as the hair left my head I felt like a completely different person. I felt like I finally was freeing myself from the pain and distress of hair loss. From that day forward I started wearing wigs, I love trying different styles of wig and showcasing my personality through different looks. I also rock a bald head sometimes, as I believe it's important to try and accept myself both with and without hair. It astounds me that I used to be so scared of alternative hair - alternative hair is an amazing thing and can lift your confidence and self esteem beyond belief! If you are experiencing something similar and you're unsure what to do, my one piece of advice would be to WEAR THE HAIR ! Give it a go and see how it makes you feel. We are all so much more than our hair loss, but we all deserve to feel comfortable and confident and beautiful and alternative hair can certainly help with this if experiencing hair loss.


As a woman dealing with hair loss, you feel so alone. I first started losing my hair around 20years ago. It became very thin and the texture was awful. Following child birth my hair gradually got worse, to the point that I felt I could no longer disguise it.

It was a massive leap for me to decide to embrace alternative hair solutions and I started with toppers and then moved to wigs.

I felt physically sick when I first ventured out wearing hair. I thought everyone would know and laugh at me. This however, could not be further from the truth! The quality of hairpieces and wigs is so good now that they are totally undetectable, and I only tell people if I want to.

I get to have fab hair all of the time and can achieve looks that I never could have with my own hair.

The hair loss community has been amazing, particularly on Instagram. I have reached out to other ladies for tips and help and it really has been amazing to see all the fantastic ladies owning their hairloss!

If may hair all grew back tomorrow, I would continue wearing wigs and that says a lot!


So I got diagnosed last year around January, I didn’t even notice anything until my mom said something.

She told me that my hair looked thinner and asked if my salon thin it out and I said no and then from there it started falling out more and more so I decided one night on my own to just shave my head and rock the baldness and accept it until it comes back:)


I wear wigs, because I have an alopecia. My hairs have started falling when I was 17. It was difficult journey to love myself in 100% without hair. So when I had stopped medication I created my instagram to share my story with other people especially with alopecian girls.

I want to show them that everyone is special and it doesnt matter if you have hairs or havent. 


In my late 20s I started to lose my hair in significant quantities, and by the time I was 35 I had very very little hair on the crown of my head.

I officially have been diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia. I’ve been wearing alternative hair for about 15 years now I started out wearing toppers and now I only wear wigs.


My name is Lauren. I was diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia in 2021. It has been the hardest journey to navigate. I went into a super dark place and fell into a horrible depression. I finally started therapy, found my love for wigs, and my passion to help other women navigate this journey. I finally found “me” again. I attend hair loss retreats, help people find their perfect wig, and try so hard to give back to the hair loss community, and help with customer service/mental health support for a wig company. I’m proud to say I’m thriving and loving learning and teaching people about alternative hair. ?


My name is Emily I am 34 years old and live in Dubai I recently shaved my hair off to take control after the effects of chemotherapy meaning my hair was shedding fast.
I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer in December 2022, I immediately started chemotherapy and after 14 days my hair began to shed very quickly, my good friends husband who is also a hairdresser friend offered to shave it for me whilst including the children to show it’s ok mummy hasn’t got hair.
I miss my long hair I can’t wait for my wig to arrive:


I have lost my hair twice now to chemotherapy, and will likely lose it again in the future as a stage 4 breast cancer patient. I find that losing my hair is one of the very hardest parts of the process in fighting cancer and going through chemotherapy - as it’s hard enough to BE sick⋯ LOOKING sick adds a whole new level of difficulty. I’ve found the power and beauty in both learning to love myself with or without hair, and also what a gift it is to be able to pop on a gorgeous wig and feel dolled up in that way.


“Losing my hair at a young age was devastating. For a very long time, I felt alone and ashamed. Once I finally took the leap into alternative hair, I felt like I could breathe again. It gave me a sense of peace knowing that there were solutions that could make me feel like myself again. And then I started connecting with other women who had experienced similar struggles, and I was finally able to let go of the shame I had held onto for so long. So many women experience hair loss at some point in their life, and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Alternative hair is no different than any other beauty enchancement and it’s past time we broke the stigma associated with it!”


In 2021, I decided to share the most vulnerable piece of information about myself at the time, my alopecia.
For years it felt like a shadow was suppressing and covering who I truly was. My head was filled with constant criticisms about my looks. I walked around feeling like everyone could see this dark shadow on top of my head. I was hyper-focused on my hair. I thought losing hair made me less of a woman, and my self-confidence plummeted. This depression socially restricted me from being my true, beautiful, and outgoing self.
Going public about my hair loss was hands down the best decision I’ve made in regards to my journey. It made me embrace who I was. I decided to turn my Instagram into my public diary where I didn’t hold back, I went out in public without a wig on for the first time, worked out with just a baseball cap, and took pictures of myself without any hair on! I even started an alopecia podcast with my best friend. We decided to start this podcast to discuss how we navigate life without hair. Relationships, personal testimonies, guest episodes, best wigs and wig products, basically hair loss and everything in between. Not everyone is ready to reach out and talk about it or go public with their alopecia, so our podcast is a way to show people they’re not alone.
The thing is, as much good that came with my acceptance and being public with my hair loss, there came a lot of bad as well, which explains the journey of hair loss. I regressed, many times. I swore my alopecia to hell on my really bad days. But I persisted. I kept putting myself and my feelings out there and I’m so proud of it. That being said, the hair loss community came out swinging. Supporting me, uplifting me, encouraging me, inspiring me. The list goes on forever. I gained friendships and people who understood me completely, which I was in search of for a very long time.
My advice to any and all alopecians out there is take your time! Don’t let anyone else tell you how to manage your alopecia. No one knows what’s best for you, except YOU.


I first suffered hairloss as postpartum hairloss with all of my 4 babies. I remember washing my hair and pulling out heaps of hair! So much hair that I’d stick it to the shower wall and the drain would always clog. Then around the age of 30 I really noticed my hair was thinning at the front and sides and I ended up cutting a fringe and constantly dye my hair to make it look full and thick. This became very expensive as I ended up going to the hairdresser every 2 weeks to re-dye my hair which would basically just stain my head and make it look full and thick. If only it would last!
As if that wasn’t enough, 2020 is when I lost most of my hair for good. I was diagnosed with a very rare cancer called DFSP on my head and I had to have a major operation. The operation took 9 hours and came with lots of complications. They got the cancer by taking a big section of my scalp, and had to take some of the skull. So, to recreate my head shape they had to use one of my back muscles (latissimus dorsi) and a big skin graft from my leg. Three separate surgeries. I was told to expect to lose about 2cms of hair from the operation but I woke up from the operation to find out they had to take so much more.
My hair will never grow back.
I was very lucky that I didn’t need chemo or radiation.
I lived in beanies after the operation and really was opposed to the whole idea of wigs. A friend bought me a wig and I let the kids try it on for fun. I tried it on and didn’t like it and put it away never to be seen again.
After a few more months of healing, the same friend took me to a cancer care place. They just happened to have wigs there in all sorts of styles and colours and we tried them on and it was SO much fun and I laughed so hard and for the first time in a long time something wonderful happened - I stopped taking myself (and life) so seriously and decided to give wigs a go! Like why the hell not?!! They were FUN!!! They made me look good! And I loved how I looked completely different with each wig! So I decided to wear wigs (I was hooked) but I promised myself that if I was going to wear wigs I would make it fun and wear a different wig every day ??and I still do! ??
From there, I started researching brands which led me to Instagram. One wig review on Insta led me to the wonderful world of wigs. I found out about brands, shops, and watched so many wig reviews. Then I started buying wigs and I can’t see that ever stopping! ?? I’ve learnt so much about wigs and my favourite thing is being about to help out another hairloss sister ?? I was once new to wigs and so I like to give back to the community that helped me so much!
The hairloss community on Insta saved me, inspired me, made me feel less alone and then gave me a space to explore my own hairloss and bald head in a safe space which helped me and still helps me accept my hairloss. I’ve also made such special friendships on here all because we share one very special thing in common, female hairloss ??


My hair story:
When I was 17 years old my hair started falling out. My once thick hair had gotten incredibly thin in a matter of months. After seeing a dermatologist I was informed I had lost over 40% of my hair. I was devastated. Over the years I looked for answers or solutions to “cure” my hair loss with no success. Treating it medically or topically was extremely expensive and could have potentially effected other areas of my health that I wasn’t willing to risk. I did my best to conceal my hair loss but after having two kids and getting an Androgenic Alopecia diagnosis I knew I wanted to seek out alternative hair options to help me regain so much of the confidence that I had lost over the years. I started wearing wigs full time 4 years ago this February and I haven’t looked back since. Wearing wigs has made me more confident in how I can present myself to the world and it’s helped me cope with the emotional rollercoaster that is hair loss.


Basically my hair loss comes and goes. I’m a kidney transplant patient and I have to take anti rejection/immunosuppressants to keep my kidney from rejecting. Because of these medications I have hair loss but it depends on my levels of the drugs. If the levels are too high I’ll start to thin, break and lose my hair. I’ve had my transplant since 2013 so this is going on about 10 years now.


Hello i'm Chel,
I’m 34 years old and I have alopecia (female pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss). At age two my hair started to fall out. I have had Alopecia for 32 years and the impact on my life has been devastating.
Being a teen and being bald wasn’t easy. No matter how much I wanted my life to be "normal", it was never going to be. At the time, I couldn't accept the fact that I was losing my hair and that it might never be the same.
I hated Alopecia— I hated how it affected me. I let it control me. I will never forget the day I had to shave my head because my patchy remaining hair could no longer be covered with a headband anymore and I had to invest in a wig. Fourteen years old, I stood there, numb, and then I bawled my eyes out.
I hid from the world under a wig with a hairstyle that never changed for years. I didn’t tell anyone about my hair loss, only my closest friends and family, but even that was hard to sit with. I had no confidence and my self-worth was low.
Fast forward to 27 years old when I finally came out publicly about my Alopecia. That was the turning point in my life.
Looking back on it all now, sometimes I can’t even imagine how difficult life was then compared to how my life has completely turned around for the better. It wasn’t a click of the fingers and I was instantly happy... It has taken a lot of work on my mental health for me to reach a point where I can fully accept myself, where I can find things I like about having Alopecia— such as switching my hairstyle up everyday!
One thing I cannot stress enough is how important it is to get a good quality wig. Quality wigs are life changing. I have worked with many different wig suppliers over the years and I can honestly say that it is worth investing, because hair loss can be hard enough as it is and you want to be comfortable, feel good about yourself and not have the added stress of a wig that doesn't give you that boost of confidence you deserve. Don’t let Alopecia take another day from you. Invest in a good quality wig, so you can live the life you want to live.


After having my second baby, I thought it was just postpartum hairloss. Within a couple weeks I only had half my hair left on my head. I ended up getting diagnosed with alopecia shortly after. Over the next couple of months my hair slowly all fell out. My hair on my body stopped growing also. I love to use my page to help other people that may be having a hard time accepting hard things. Never let things out of your control, control your life.


My experience: 
I have been experiencing hair loss and hair thinning since I was 16 but always managed to hide it well until I had my last child on which I suffered quite bad with post natal hair loss. Sometimes I felt like my experience wasn’t as valid as others because I’ve always managed to find ways to hide my problem areas and compared my experience to others that have it much more severe than myself but I began to realise that every experience with hair loss and hair thinning is just as valid and with this realisation I made the decision to shave my head for good in 2022 and embrace that my experience with hair wasn’t the same as others. I struggled with this transition at first and had to battle with the internal dialog that would tell me I wasn’t beautiful or feminine enough anymore but soon realised that my beauty never came from my hair. Accepting my hair for what it is showed me a lot about myself - instead of focusing on what was wrong with my hair I saw the beauty in my bald head, receding hair line and uneven patches of growth. Instead I saw the beauty in my face, body and heart. For me going through this experience it has been a blessing, even when sometimes I felt hopeless and less than. This experience has introduced me to wigs of all kinds and ignited a deep passion for them… hair loss has opened up doors for me and allowed me create the career of my dreams! Now I have accepted my experience for what it is I have never felt more confident, empowered and sexy! Baldies have more fun!


My hairdresser found my first 3 bald spots in 2003. At that time, they were treated by a dermatologist and the hair grew back. Sadly, I continued to get more spots that started growing into larger patches. The steroid treatments weren’t working any longer so I tried a stronger treatment.
My body reacted badly to it and I lost all of my hair in 2017. At that time I started wearing wigs. My mission is for no person with hair loss to feel as alone and afraid as I did, so that’s why I started sharing my story. I’m happy to help people by doing honest wig reviews and wig education. With my autoimmune hair loss I’ll never get my hair back, so I’ll be wearing a wig daily for the rest of my life and I’ve accepted that!


When I was diagnosed with stage iv cancer, my biggest goal was to be brave. When considering with needles, surgeries, rounds of chemotherapy, and hair loss, I wanted to move through each phase of cancer with grace. While it was easy to breathe through the pricks and pokes, hair loss was a different beast entirely. First it was slow: a few strands after tucking my bangs behind my ears, a couple pieces while I pulled it up into ponytails. Then, it was really, really fast: Pools of blonde sliding down my back after shaking my head “No” when being asked if I’d like my coffee drink hot, the sensation of bugs sprinting down my back in the shower as hundreds of pieces of my identity slipped languidly down the bathtub drain, until I knew I couldn’t push off the inevitable. I had to shave my head. As a woman, being bald immediately creates a sense of being othered.
While I knew my baldness was beautiful I also knew that it was a symbol. It became the first thing people noticed about me, an immediate way of communicating that “Hi, I have cancer.” Moving out of this headspace felt seemingly impossible. It felt so isolating, especially being a woman in my 20s who loves going out. I knew that acceptance would be a necessary part of my story. I wanted to celebrate my baldness; I didn’t want to be ashamed to wear my baldness. I made the decision to tattoo my head out of a need to feel empowered, to feel like I had agency in defining my own beauty. In doing this, I took ownership over my hair loss. I had something that I wanted people to see. I wanted to show people that I am proud of my cancer. Now, when I wear a wig, it is empowering in a different way - I’m not wearing wigs out of fear for being bald, I am wearing wigs to encompass a different kind of beauty, one in which I write my own story and I decide when to wear my bald. As I continue on in my treatment, I feel excited, beautiful, and confident knowing that this IS something I can control.
The world’s perception of me is in my hands, and I know whether I choose to rock the bald or embrace the fun of wigs, I am always choosing to be beautiful, strong, and empowered.


My words for hair loss:
Like for many other women, when I was told I had cancer one of my first thoughts was “I’m going to loose my hair”. It took the biggest toll on me mentally at the start, and I wasn’t even thinking of the chemotherapy effects! How the tables have turned… For me, my hair was a massive part of my identity, I loved going to the hairdressers and styling it in lots of different ways. So when I knew I’d be loosing it, I felt a loss of identity and control. As my hair began to fall out rapidly I was so afraid to shave my hair, but I was malting like a dog… After my hairdresser shaved it I couldn’t look in the mirror for about half an hour. I still remember the weird sensation of hearing the razor and feeling the breeze on my scalp. Something I never thought I’d experience, especially at 23 years old. I have been bald for 4 months now, and honestly I don’t hate it as much as I thought I would.
I wouldn’t choose it, but I feel empowered and everyday I am reminded of my strength and courage. With my wigs I am able to feel a sense of normality again, and actually have hair of dreams! I know that my beauty comes from within, but having a stunning wig helps me feel beautiful on the outside when I need that extra boost of confidence.


Hi, I'm Kristyna! I've been dealing with hair loss since my early 20s after being diagnosed with Lupus and then subsequently diagnosed with Sjogrens a decade later. For 15 year my hair loss progressively got worse. I tried every supplement, shampoo, conditioner, product, and serum to make my hair come back but of course nothing worked. As a woman, losing your hair at any age is devastating - but in your 20's? It's a gut punch. It makes you question your worth, your beauty, your femininity. I had turned to wearing halo extensions to attempt to mask the hair loss, but after a few years it had progressed to the point where it became impossible to disguise them because I didn't have enough hair to cover them up. That is when I finally made the decision to make the switch to wigs. That is when my life truly changed. I'll never forget putting on my first wig and thinking to myself, "I can do this".
From that point forward I made the decision that I needed to do the work to quiet the mean girl in my head and build up my confidence, for myself and for my young daughter who needed to learn that she was beautiful no matter what. Wigs allowed me to do that. I began taking the things that I had been the most self conscious about and putting them out there for the world. I opened up publicly to friends, family, coworkers, social media about my wig wearing and this amazing thing happened. Those things I had always been self conscious about - they started to lose their power over me. I started changing the narrative in my mind, and eventually that turned into real, true, self love and confidence. I feel so honored to be able to share my story and my wigs with the world with the hope of reaching other women who are going through the dark parts so they know that they aren't alone in this.


I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 6 years ago and have been in treatment for it for 5 years. The cancer keeps recurring and as a result I have to be in chemotherapy constantly.
This has resulted in me losing all my hair. Living with cancer is a challenge, but then having to face losing your hair adds even more pressure. I was terrified of facing the world without my hair and that I would lose my identity.
All I wanted was to look like myself, not a cancer patient. It has been so fantastic to discover that wigs are very realistic looking and virtually undetectable. I have actually become addicted to wigs and love the way I can have a different look every day, and my hair is better looking than it ever was.


Hi I’m Lisa and I 1st started noticing my hair thinning in my early 30’s it’s never been thick but I had lots of hair and it was curly so looked thicker, I think I was in denial for a long while and I just kind of made do so I moved around my parting and used root spray to disguise.
Over the years it got progressively worse and I got to the point where I could not hide it anymore, I actually had bald areas around the front lots of receding and a visible scalp.
I decided to jump straight into wig wearing, which takes time to get it right but when it is the confidence it gives you back is amazing.
A few months after I was comfortable in wearing a wig I decided to shave what hair I had left off and that also felt amazing.
I know love to post about wigs and my honest opinion to help other ladies and have a huge passion for wigs


I always had fine hair and very straight hair. When I was 39, I became very ill and had e a trip to the hair salon to have it colored, it melted off. I was devastated. I still didn't know the reason. A month later I was in the ER and my body was failing. After searching for the reason, they discovered my uterus was full of fibroid tumors and one was ripped away from the lining and I was slowly but surely hemorrhaging every monthly cycle. They performed a hysterectomy. The worst was they discovered I had an autoimmune disease, Chrons, the Doctor said it was incurable and that my life expectancy was 10 years. Well 17 years after that deadline I'm still here! My hair never returned to its former glory.
My hair genetically began to turn white from a young age. I colored every 3 weeks! I began using extensions but there came a point that I couldn't disguise my hairline any longer. I experienced covid and then I lost more hair. I was horrified everytime I looked in the mirror. I didn't recognize me. Never did I want to go out in public or meet up with friends. I isolated to my house. During that time I had begun a YouTube channel, sharing makeup and skincare, with all the hair loss I had to do something about it. I decided to get my first wig. It was scary and there was a great deal to learn.
I dove head first, so to speak! Learning everything I could about wigs. Overcame my fears and gained so much confidence. I knew I had to share and help to get the word out to others. Making videos was a way for me to encourage others and hopefully help them take that one step to getting their first wig and mostly their confidence and sense of their youthful healthy self.
Getting replies and messages or hearing from others their hair journey and how I help in sharing mine, makes the effort a joy and my mission.


When I was diagnosed with cancer, one of my first concerns was losing my hair. My hair was the key to my confidence, and being a twenty-one year old college girl, I really wanted to fit in and feel beautiful. My hair started coming out two weeks after my first round of chemo. No one was really sure how much I would lose, but after days of shedding clumps of hair I decided to shave the remaining strands. Once I got my first wig, my confidence skyrocketed. I immediately felt like myself again. Then it became a source of exploration - I could try so many new colors and styles I’ve never even considered. What started as a traumatic moment ended in new-found confidence.
I can put on my wig and feel beautiful, and I can take it off and feel beautiful too. It’s taken some time to accept my baldness. I am now cancer-free, but my bare head is a reminder of what I’ve survived. Never underestimate the power of confidence and self-image. When going through hair loss or cancer treatment, every little thing that helps you feel whole is worth it. 


My name is Katie Reese. I am originally from Michigan and I have lived in Los Angeles, CA the past 10 years dancing, acting and modeling professionally. At 10 years old I started losing my hair. It started with my eye lashes in 4th grade. They grew back a year later and my doctor thought it was allergies. At 11 my first bald patch the size of a quarter showed up. I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease called Alopecia. I could write and should write a novel on my experiences and journey being a teenager and young adult going through life with this because it has been a journey. At 24, I lost all of my hair in the matter of weeks, including my eyebrows and eyelashes.
I believe there is NO right way to embrace or acknowledge, deal with things in life that are personal to you. I’ve always tried to be true to myself and what felt right in the moment, and for my career. Living in a society with high beauty standards, hair defining femininity and being in a career that has a magnifying glass looking at me, has been really difficult and challenging to say the least. My alopecia is constantly on my mind and has a role in so many decisions I make on the daily. I have a love/hate relationship with hair. Honestly it’s triggering. I don’t remember what it feels like to have real hair growing from my head. I’ve grown up dreaming of becoming a ballerina or a soccer player but I didn’t have a role model who looked like me or a community to rely on. Social media didn't exist when I was growing up. I have been through the trenches in situations, treated like an alien, judged, had people try to speak for me about my baldness, lost jobs, and I have also been totally accepted, admired, seen and embraced in others. This is not to pity me, but to bring awareness of the psychological impact and struggles Alopecia imposes and to also show that people may struggle with things that we aren’t aware of. Instead of feeling like an outsider, I decided to wear wigs and hide my alopecia to feel “normal” as a source of protection and safety. Wigs changed my life and in a weird way gave me my life back, a sense of belonging and confidence in my career.
This Year, I made it my goal to share my journey and open up about my alopecia. After I changed careers from dance to acting, I realized I have the power to impact others and share my story through my art and passion. I also love the progression of beauty and modeling and how we are finally starting to embrace "real" beauty and our uniqueness as individuals. It is something I am still navigating and will probably continue to navigate my entire life, but I am glad I can now be as I am in the public eye. Both bald and wear wigs. As much as alopecia plays a huge daunting role in my life, it has also given me so much strength, power, confidence, vulnerability, courage and empathy. I believe my mindset is powerful because of it and the humanity, light and grace it has given me is a gift. I know I have a bigger purpose in life and I hope by opening up, I can inspire people, and be a part of the change in how we view beauty. I hope a little kid with alopecia can see me bald on TV one day and know anything is possible. So here I am to remind you we are all beautiful in our own unique way.


Hi,my name is Teresa but friends call me Ted
My bio hair has never been great right from the start. Growing up I rokced a frizzy mop of hair with no heat tools or stylihg skills.
My only way of expressing myself was dye my bio hair defferent colors, which did more damage than good of was not a total surprise when it started falling our as I got to my 20s.
With added stress at home and work, combined with poor diet choices and androgenic alopecia passed down in the family genes, my thin, frizzy locks made me more depressed.
I was so insecure, seeing any photos of myself would send shivers down my spine.
That's when I first looked into alternative hair and when I bought my first synthetic hair topper in 2015 it completely changed how I saw myself in the mirros. My hair has never looked this good in mylife!
8 years later, as a full time wig weared I can hoestly say, alternative hair has helped me heal my self esteem and focus on personal growth, instead of self sabotage and pain.
This is a journey I'm willing to takd for the rest of my life along with hundreds of wig sisters I had a privilege to meet along the way.


I have always struggled with my fine, thin hair my whole life. I felt self conscious about it growing up and would try to compensate for the lack of volume and length with short cuts, perms, curling irons.. you name it, my mom and I tried it! I became a licensed cosmetologist at age 22 and looking back I most likely went down that career path because I wanted to know what to do with the cards I was dealt. I learned a LOT about hair in general and how to manage thin, fine hair that basically "cut itself" when it got to a certain length. If you know, you know. ;) I am in my 40's now and after my 4th and 5th babies were born, I experienced a higher level of hair loss than I had experienced with my pregnancies in my 30's. I am able to (somewhat) hide it but I'm limited with my style options and length. I've always dreamt of having beautiful hair and now I too, can have it. It's truly a feeling I can't quite describe. Alternative hair has opened doors for me that I didn't know existed and made my confidence in my self image soar. I suddenly got to experience what it feels like to really LOVE my hair.
I feel like wigs were the missing link for me and how they make me feel when I look in the mirror is something I've never felt before with my bio hair. I feel feminine, put together, confident, and HAPPY! I love to support others in their journey for anyone who is struggling with hair loss for whatever reason. There is a large community out there full of like minded women and individuals who struggle with the same everyday issues. Let's normalize alternative hair together by being that light and that influence for others to gain confidence and strength.
Thank you for this opportunity to share my story.


I have been suffering from Alopecia Androgenetica for over 20 years now and have been wearing wigs ever since. I learned a lot over the years and have always been very interested in the different kind of wigs, wig making and the pros and cons of the different fibers. I started my Youtube channel and Instagram account a little over a year ago and they keep growing constantly. I realized that there is hardly any content on social media about wigs and no wig reviews in German, which is spoken by over 10 million people. So it was clear to me that I wanted to make reviews, tutorials and pass on my knowledge through social media in both German and English, to also reach the rest of the world, of course. I really enjoy my wig journey and have experienced what everyone else is experiencing over time. First I wanted to have a wig as close as possible to my natural hair color and style, but today I love being able to change the style, color and length in an instant and wear a different wig every day, sometimes even 2 or 3 on one day. I haven't tried human hair wigs until now, but keep getting more and more interested in a human hair wig, since my fellow Youtubers are raving about it and they seem to be very happy with the wigs you produce. :)


Never did I image I would lose my hair or experience hairloss.
It started thinning pretty fast 2013 and by early 2015 I didn’t have enough hair to wear down anymore. Barely had enough to pin up with a bobby-pin!
I made myself a few extensions to fake a bun and that got me by for a while.
I was so depressed and it took a huge toll on my self confidence.
Then in 2016 I decided to take the leap and order a wig! I don’t know why I didn’t think to get one sooner.
I was so stuck on trying to “fix” my hair with shampoos and vitamins.
I was so excited to get my new wig yet scared at the same time!
The thought of wearing a wig was so traumatic and embarrassing for me at first. (So dumb but normal)
When I put my first wig on and looked in the mirror I felt beautiful, feminine and like myself again for the first time in years!
It was scary at first but once I became confident and comfortable in my wigs my life changed! I was no longer focused on my hairloss.
Losing my hair changed my life for the better in so many ways.
I gained so many amazing new friends among the hairloss community Hairloss is very challenging but you can’t let it define you!
Beside Wigs are so fun and addicting
The only con with wigs is you always want another one!


Hi, my name is Denise. I have been suffering from Androgenic Alopecia since I was in my early 20s. I started using Hair Fibers to help hide the thinning in my mid-20s. Over the years I tried MANY things to stop my hair loss. Rogaine, vitamins, laser therapy, and more lotions and potions than I can even count. NOTHING worked. In my mid-30's I found myself single with 3 young children. My hair loss made me feel terrible about myself, and I was terrified to date and have to tell someone. I see this concern shared by others on social media often and it brings me back to that difficult time. Luckily I found a great guy who didn't care about my hair, and now we have been married for over 12 years. In my mid-40's my hair loss had gotten so bad, that all I could do was wear headbands and wear my hair up to hide. I was working in a large company as director of Human Resources and I was worried that people wouldn't take me seriously because of the way I had to wear my hair. I was devastated and desperate. I started to search for other solutions and somehow found the wig community on YouTube and Instagram. I was shocked! I had no idea that wigs had gotten so realistic! My one experience with wigs was in the early 2000s and it was horrible! I just assumed that all wigs were like that. The more videos I watched, the more I knew that wigs were going to be my solution. I bought my first wig on 9/11/18, and while the first few months were rough as I spent A LOT of money trying to figure out what would work for me, once I figured out what looked good on me and what I felt comfortable with, there was no looking back! I started with synthetic wigs because all the human hair wigs I found were way too expensive for me. The problem was, finding wigs that I liked was harder than I thought it would be! I spent SO MUCH MONEY in the beginning that I call it the time I got my Master's Degree in wigs! Since then I have tried every type of wig imaginable. I am so grateful that wigs exist, and even more grateful that wigs in ALL price ranges and ALL types exist. Now I share my journey publicly with anyone who will listen in the hope that my experience will help someone else. Hair loss is very difficult. Most of us do not come to wigs as a solution that we want. Rather, we come to it as a last resort. That may have been how I started with wigs, but that is not how my story ends. I can confidently say, that even if my hair grew back tomorrow, I would never ever stop wearing wigs. I am having the time of my life, and I hear this story every single day from hundreds of wig sisters. Wigs just may change your life, they sure changed mine!


Hey y’all! I’m Sandy , I am 51 years old. All of my life my hair has been thin, fine and frizzy but in 2012 I noticed that it was getting thinner and it wouldn’t grow past my collar bone. When I would shower, a large amount would wrap around my fingers and fall to my feet. Or if I would brush it, it would come out in handfuls. It was devastating to me to lose any amount of hair because I had so little. I finally decided to go see a doctor to find out why.
I also had unexplained fatigue, depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping and other symptoms. The doctor diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s Disease.
I finally had an answer but still no solution for my hair loss. To make my hair appear more voluminous I would wear clip in extensions every day. They wouldn’t stay in because my hair was so thin and they caused even more hair breakage. That made my confidence plummet even more because I felt there was no hope for me. I wanted to stay home all the time and I avoided going out with friends. I would constantly compare my hair to their thick, beautiful, shiny hair. In my friend group, I was never the one with “the pretty hair”.
I was so desperate and insecure that I decided to order a wig. The first wig I choose was not a good one. It was nowhere near the style, length or shade of my bio hair. The wig was very dense. I wasn’t used to that amount of hair. I hated it.
I wanted to call it quits. I still felt insecure, even in the wig.
Even though I wanted to , I DID’NT GIVE UP. I did a little more researching, watched some You Tube reviews and decided I would try purchasing a wig one more time! When it came, I rushed to put it on, looked in the mirror and burst into tears of joy! I finally had the hair of my dreams! I wore the wig around the house, took lots of selfies and eventually worked up the nerve to wear it out in public. When I did... I was approached by someone who said to me” I love your hair; it’s so pretty!” I went to my car and cried! In my entire life no one had ever complimented my hair!
After that, I had the confidence to go out with my friends. I would be the one to whom the waitress would say,” Your hair is so beautiful!” I was finally the friend with “the pretty hair” !
If you are considering a wig for the first time, my advice to you is, don’t give up! You WILL find that perfect wig that will make you feel like YOU. It will make you feel beautiful again or maybe even for the first time. Your hair may be falling out now, but eventually everything will fall into place!


My name is Jasmin Barnes and my journey started one bad hair day! My closest friends ask why I love wigs so much when I have the thickest hair. In high school, I had to shave half of my head because I just can’t deal with all the hair. My bio hair is frizzy, coarse, and very hard to manage to say the least. It takes me hours to tame and style it. I am worried about damaging my hair from everyday styling. Then, I discovered wigs and never looked back. Wigs give me freedom from everyday straightening, blow-drying and a little extra boost of confidence.
Its ok for women to want to change up their looks once in a while or to keep up with the latest hair trends without exposing their hair to harmful chemicals and without the commitment.
I believe that when a woman feels empowered and beautiful from the inside out, they can take on the world to do bigger and greater things. This is when I realized, I found my passion. Since 2009, my team and I have sponsored women and cancer patients with hairpieces and head covers through our hairloss support program. We take pride in successfully connecting sponsors and wig recipients around the world via social media. Although my story is a bit different, I am determined to change how people view wigs as I continue to empower women and help them find the perfect alternative hair without the stigma and wear them with confidence. Wigs are for everyone and have now become a mainstream accessory in a modern woman’s wardrobe. Now, I can literally change my hair as often as I change my mind and you can too!


My journey with alternative hair started over 15 years ago. I wore a wig my junior year of high school. Unfortunately wigs looked like wigs back then. I’ll never forget walking down the stairs and a group of boys dared each other to pull my wig off. It’s an experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thankfully alternative hair has come such a long way and even a trained eye can not spot some of these amazing creations.
My current reasons for wearing alternative hair are my autoimmune diseases. It’s a struggle dealing with chronic illnesses, but hair loss does not have to be added to that struggle. With alternative hair, I have the hair I always dreamed of. I can switch up my color and style in seconds!! Whether your alternative hair piece is $500 or $2000, you should feel comfortable with your appearance! I applaud any company who offers alternative hair dreams at affordable prices!


Hi, I’m Jessica Rose. I am a self-love blogger and founder of Love Sweet Mess. I have struggled with hair loss since I was 12 years old, but didn’t acknowledge my loss or how it affected my self-esteem until my late twenties.
Once I started my journey of acceptance I knew I was not alone, so I started writing as a means to spread Alopecia awareness and connect to those struggling with similar issues and insecurities.
I believe creative outlets are so important in keeping our minds and hearts healthy!
It wasn’t until I started therapy that I realized I depended heavily on baking as my form of self-therapy. Baking has opened so many doors for me. From competing on Cupcake Wars, baking for celebrities and weddings, to publishing my cookbook What to Bake When. Baking was the shoulder I leaned on when I felt alone.
With this blog, I never feel alone, and that is my hope for my readers. You are not alone. We are in this journey of self-acceptance together, because we all have a story to tell. Stop hiding and start living!


I don't have hair loss exactly. I have thinning hair. And, it is a result of age and menopause. I wear wigs because my hair is fine and limp and doesn't hold a style. Plus, wigs are so much easier than trying to style my hair and look better than my hair could ever look


I started to lose my hair gradually from the age of 18. I spent the whole of my 20s and most of my 30s trying everything possible to make it grow back (to no avail), I spent an absolute fortune on hair loss remedies, shampoos, light therapy, Vitamins, oils. At one point I tried a hair integration system. I absolutely hated the feel of it, that you couldn’t wash your scalp, that my hair growing underneath was getting matted constantly, that you needed to get it tightened every 2 weeks or you could see it slipping back, it was a confidence killer. Lockdown hit and I cut the hair integration out of my hair. My scalp was a mess. I had to cut my hair at the back to just a few inches as it was matted that badly. I hated the way I looked, my hair was now thinner than ever.
I stumbled across the fabulous hair loss community around 3 years ago on instagram, just after the integration incident and it changed everything. I always felt so alone, I never spoke about my hair as I was embarrassed but to see so many others going through the same thing helped me so much. I didn’t realise there were ‘alternative hair’ options out there either! I was a complete novice.
If all these fab women could rock the alt hair then why couldn’t I? Prior to this you wouldn’t see one photo of me, I’d always hide away if anyone had a camera, I’d cancel nights out as I was paranoid about my thinning hair and couldn’t ever make it look nice. My confidence now since wearing hair toppers & wigs is unreal, it’s helped me massively in my personal life and I can finally feel like ‘me’ after all this time! My bio hair literally would have never ever looked as good as it does now!


My hairloss journey started after contracting Covid in May 2022. It caused horrific nerve pain, extreme exhaustion and extensive hair loss. In November I decided to 'brave the shave' for charity. It has been an absolute rollercoaster ride!!! The hair loss felt devastating at first, but now I love wearing wigs. They have given me back my confidence. My old bio hair was limp, damaged and wouldn't hold colour. Now I get to have amazing hair everyday!!!

@Rayann Jones

Hi! My name is Rayann. I have androgenic alopecia and have been losing my hair since I was about 15 years old. I spent way too many years of my life thinking I was the only young, healthy woman dealing with hairloss. honestly, it wasn’t until I found the hair loss community on Instagram that I realized how many of us there actually are! 30 MILLION women in the united states alone are affected by genetic hairloss! Alternative hair has definitely been a major confidence booster but being able to talk with others who are going through the same thing and understand all the emotions that losing your hair brings has been life changing. I was finally able to come to terms with my hair loss knowing that I am not alone. so if you are struggling please know that you are NOT alone.


My name is Arianna, I'm an italian girl and I don't have any hair on my body.
I started to loose my hair when I was 16, I was a normal girl and used to live a normal teenager life: I went to school, did sports, had a lot of friends... normal things.
At the beginning of my hairloss journey, dermatologists discovered my problem was an autoimmune disease which is called Alopecia Areata: my hair fell off from some parts of my head, leaving bald patches all around.
I started suffering from anxiety, I had no self-confidence, I couldn't love myself. I felt ugly.
When I realized I was pregnant, I felt really excited. That was the first time I was really, really happy. Even my hair started to grow back. After the birth of my first child, they fell off again. my hair were everywhere: in the shower, on my brush, on my night pillow, everywhere. My alopecia areata was getting worse, and I was feeling ugly and sad again. But I was a mother! A woman! I couldn't feel like that! so I decided to shave my head completely. I didn't want to see my hair falling off anymore.
In two months, even my eyebrows and eyelashes started to fall. My alopecia turned to be universalis, but I didn't care about it: I had my baby, my family, all my support, and started to love myself too. even if I was bald.
now, I'm 30. I'm happy. I love my life. I decided to be a sort of light for others which are suffering for hairloss. I know how much pain there's, when a woman starts to loose her hair. I just want to do something good especially for other young girls, which are going through this, and can't see how beautiful they are.


10 years ago I we through a very difficult time and suffered with a Depression. During that time my already fine thin hair started to fall out more than usual. I also felt it was challenging to care for my hair during this time. Wigs became a part of my life and although I was afraid and shy at first leaving the house with my wig, they ultimately me feel so much better and confident. I have continued to wear wigs daily since that time and feel they are a wonderful part of my self-care and help me feel great!


I started losing my hair 15 years ago, I was only 10, I was a little girl who should have thought about playing, having fun with friends and instead I had to fight with hair falling out for no reason. I've always had very long, healthy, shiny, almost enviable hair and from one day to the next I found myself bald. the discomfort you have in those moments is so much, you start looking at other people's hair, you start thinking about why you, you start looking in the mirror and you don't see yourself as before, your self-esteem drops and you slowly lock inside. it wasn't easy for me, my alopecia went away and came back over the years, every time I saw a patch without hair my heart crumbled. hair is our frame, it gives us security, courage, it's the starting point when you need to start over, but I didn't see it this way, I had to take care of the few I had and hide, because I was even ashamed that someone could see something. after 15 years I realized that something I was ashamed of was only in my head, the people around us don't pay attention to what makes us uncomfortable, we pay attention to ourselves. now I've taken the courage to tell others about myself, to tell my story and to be able to be an inspiration for someone. my hair has grown and fallen out many times in recent years, now my situation is a bit peculiar, the hair is falling out on the sides of the head and in the nape of the neck, I have some areas where they are missing on the skin but I am happy, happy because we have to be our best version of us, with or without hair. ‘’

I have always loved my hair & took alot of time styling it & making sure it looked pretty.
Then my hairloss started. It was gradual at first then my hair began to fall out more & more with every washing.
It was heartbreaking and affected my self confidence.
I no longer wanted to go out in public with my thin hair & my scalp showing.
I decided to order a wig & see how it looked. I am so happy I did!
Once I put the wig on and I had beautiful hair again, my confidence came back & I felt so happy!
Hair loss can be very hard, but wigs can help make you feel beautiful again & restore your confidence like they did for me.


I have genetic alopecia. As I've aged, my hair has thinned considerably, especially at the hairline and crown. I am also a breast cancer survivor; I was diagnosed in 2016 and had treatment. My cancer is in remission. I have worn wigs and hair toppers for more than 25 years. I enjoy educating women about wigs and hair toppers. Be confident and live your best life with wigs!


My hair started thinning in my twenties. I noticed it thinning more afbabies were born.
My hair got progrthinner
Then, I suddenly went through Menopause after a hysterectomy at 55, I suffered my first hair shed ( Telogen Effluvium). After that the quality of my hair suffered, it was brittle and I noticed it was breaking off easily. Fast forward to 2021, I went on a popular weight loss program and shed 40 pounds fairly rapidly, my hair was thinning more so I decided to put extensions in, unfortunately I lost too much hair and my extensions were falling out with the roots attached (due to T.E.). Not being able to cover my extensions, I removed the them. I was diagnosed with Androgen Alopecia or FPHL. After a period of depression and anxiety, I decided to start wearing wigs. It’s been a journey of grief and finally acceptance. I’m so thankful for the option to feel myself again.

@Jasmine Clarity

After bringing my adorable baby into the world, my hair went through some changes. And, let me tell you, it wasn't as fabulous as before. My once luscious locks turned thin and dull, leaving me feeling a bit less like the vibrant me.
As a person who always loved experimenting with different hairstyles and colors, this sudden change in my hair was disheartening. Little did I know, that moment marked the beginning of a wonderful journey. Wigs quickly became more than just a solution to my hair woes; they became a part of me. Each day brought a new opportunity to transform into the version of myself that I felt like being.
They're not just hairpieces; they're expressions of my personality, reflections of my mood, and symbols of my resilience and as this beautiful journey unfolded, wigs didn't just become a part of me – they became a way to share something I love. Guiding others through the art of application and showing them the hairstyles that make my heart sing has been a heartfelt joy. With every wig I wear, I carry the warmth of connection and the sweetness of sharing something special.

@Nikole Jackson

Hello my name is Nikole. I love wearing wigs because I enjoy the idea of being able to change up my hairstyle whenever I want! I do not like wearing my hair the same everyday, and wearing wigs helps me experiment with different hairstyles. I also find it beneficial to wear wigs because often switching up your hair color on your natural hair can actually damage your hair, so while wearing a wig, this helps to protect my natural hair from excessive styling, heat, and environmental factors that can destroy my natural hair. I have also experienced hair loss in the past that left me feeling insecure. Having a good quality wig by my side helped diminish those thoughts of insecurity and made me feel beautiful. Wearing a wig provided me a way to regain confidence and feel more like myself by concealing the hair loss. The main reason I wear wigs however, is so they can be used mainly as fashion accessories! Doing this helps me achieve specific looks that can compliment a certain outfit I am wearing or match a particular style trend. Wigs have saved me so much time and effort by eliminating the need to style my hair every day. This is especially appealing for busy individuals such as myself, who want a polished appearance without spending a lot of time on my hair.


Amanda Gurney

My hair loss journey started about 10 years ago after pregnancy and gradually became so bad that clip in hair extensions weren’t enough to cover my thinning hair. I came across a social media account where a girl was trying wigs on similar to Wig She and I couldn’t believe how realistic they looked. I ordered my first wig and haven’t looked back since. Having thin hair for so long, I only wish I had started my “wig crush” much sooner! I instantly felt more confident and happy. Being able to find styles that looks like my realistic hair from 20 years ago is truly amazing and WigShe allows that hair dream to become a reality!


My wig wearing journey has been quite a long and drawn out one. I hope by sharing my story that someone who feels the same way I did about their hair, will start utilizing the alternative hair options sooner rather than later.
In 2005 I had my first child and experienced extreme post partum hair loss. It was devastating and took over two years to regrow my hair to a confident state.
I again lost my hair in 2008 and 2012 for the same reason and it took over a year following each of those births to regain my hair to what I felt was a presentable state.
I remember watching The Real Housewives and seeing Kim Zolciak wear her wigs, I was so inspired. I thought it was beautiful and she was brave not to worry about what anyone else thought and do what made her happy. That was probably the first time I thought about how wigs could enhance my own life.
In 2017 I lost my hair yet again. I was going through a very stressful point in my life and lost weight and unfortunately my hair as well took quite a toll. I started utilizing clip in extensions and they "worked" but it was never with ease.
Fast forward to 2022. I had began an extreme weight loss journey. Unfortunately hair loss was triggered yet again. It was drastic. My hair was sparse, fragile and shedding at a pace that was more rapid than anything I'd experienced before. I started to research wigs and what my options were and took a chance on ordering my first wig. I became involved with a community on social media that empowered me to feel confident in wearing alternative hair and once I discovered how positively impact filled my wig journey was becoming, I wanted to set out and normalize wig wearing for anyone else who could benefit from them.
My goal on social media is to be an asset to the wig community. I want to educate, normalize and empower people to be so happy and confident that public inquisition is the least of their concern. I want to show people that wigs are for anyone who wants to use them. I AM GRATEFUL for the wig community that actively inspired me by living their best wig lives and sharing them on social media. I hope to pay it forward with every post to do the same.


My name is Heidi and I am a mom in my early 30s with hair loss. I’ve always had thin hair, but it wasn’t until after I had my children that I started to lose most of my biological hair. That’s when I discovered alternative hair and all of the benefits to wearing it! For the past few years I have enjoyed wearing toppers and wigs. I love the confidence that it gives me and the freedom that I have to style my hair the ways I’ve always wanted to.

Jessica Rose

Hi, I’m Jessica Rose. I am a self-love blogger and founder of Love Sweet Mess. I have struggled with hair loss since I was 12 years old, but didn’t acknowledge my loss or how it affected my self-esteem until my late twenties.
Once I started my journey of acceptance I knew I was not alone, so I started writing as a means to spread Alopecia awareness and connect to those struggling with similar issues and insecurities.
I believe creative outlets are so important in keeping our minds and hearts healthy!
It wasn’t until I started therapy that I realized I depended heavily on baking as my form of self-therapy. Baking has opened so many doors for me. From competing on Cupcake Wars, baking for celebrities and weddings, to publishing my cookbook What to Bake When. Baking was the shoulder I leaned on when I felt alone.
With this blog, I never feel alone, and that is my hope for my readers. You are not alone. We are in this journey of self-acceptance together, because we all have a story to tell. Stop hiding and start living!


I do not have hair loss. My hair stylist moved away, and I could never find another that could accomplish the look I wanted, so a friend suggested I try a wig. I fell in love with the ability to change my hair color, style, and length depending on my mood or clothes. I chopped my hair off and have not had a bad hair day in 4 years! I feel every woman should be her truest self. Hair, no hair, thinning hair, wigs, toppers, hats, scarves, tattoos, whatever....handle it in whatever manner is true to herself and makes her happy. There are no rules when it comes to hair, makeup or clothes, and if there were, I'd break them all so I could be the truest Marlene I can be.


Hi my name is Melissa and I have been completely bald since 2018. I have been experiencing hair loss up and down for the last 20 years but it didn't become severe until I reached my late 20's. Losing my hair in patches has always been devastating but when I started drastically losing all of my hair within the course of a year and it didn't grow back... I truly thought my life would never be the same. Well, I was right. My life has changed but in a good way!! It took me a couple of years to accept my baldness. I could hardly look at myself in the mirror. I wouldn't let anyone see me bald, not even my closest friends and family. I was miserable every single day for about 3 years until one day I decided it was time to conquer this and take control of what I didn't have control over. So, I decided one summer that it was time to step outside bald and never turn back. And that's what I did! It was not easy. Not at all. But once I did this the confidence slowly started building every single time. I had so much support from my family and friends. Now I am at a place where I love being bald. I love the hair loss community. I love sharing my differences. I love that I can choose what kind of hair I want to wear! Wearing wigs has become a lot more fun for me since I've conquered my baldness. Wearing wigs used to feel like hiding. It used to feel like covering up my flaws so people couldn't see them. I hated wearing wigs and I thought they didn't look good, were uncomfortable, and I couldn't believe I had to do this now for the rest of my life. I see it all so differently now. I choose to wear wigs on occasion because they are fun! They can be super comfortable and realistic. They are an accessory and not a necessity. Hair loss is quite the journey, but I am proud to be where I am right now.


I am an ER nurse and suffered a traumatic divorce in the height of Covid. I began to lose large amounts of my own hair and started using products to cover my scalp that was showing. I have tried every hair regrowth product and still don’t love my own bio hair. I was introduced to wigs on TikTok and quickly fell in love. I love changing my look often, empowering and educating women on wig wear, and growing my own collection. Wig over worry is my motto.


Hi my name is Sarah
I have struggled with hair loss since my early teens. It has had a major effect on my self esteem and self confidence over the years. Finding alternative hair has opened up a whole new world. I have so much fun trying out different styles and colours. It’s given me so much confidence and I hope by sharing my story I can inspire others to take their struggles and turn it into something positive.


Hi, I’m Emily! My hairless journey started a few years ago when I noticed that my part line had widened. At the time, I thought it was related to having undergone a complete hysterectomy in my early thirties. I started trying shampoos, solutions, and vitamins to try and regrow my hair. In 2019, I was diagnosed with Lupus and Sjogrens. My hair continued to thin to the point where it was more noticeable. My last attempt was to try laser therapy, only to develop severe scalp pain from the lasers. I was so depressed.
In 2022, I finally went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with Androgenic Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium. The doctor recommends more vitamins and solutions to put on my scalp. I reluctantly tried but did not put too much hope in it. My scalp once again started to become so irritated and peeling that I had to wear hats to cover it. I began shedding hair so quickly that I found myself not wanting to leave my house. I was mentally in a dark place. As women, we put so much worth and value in our looks, especially our hair, that I felt completely lost and alone. I knew no other woman with hair loss personally.
I started searching on social media and found that there are other women like me experiencing hair loss. Finding that there are women out there living their lives and wearing toppers and wigs gave me hope. I first decided to wear a topper and did like it, however, my hair was becoming so thin on top that it was difficult to blend. That is when I felt like wigs were the only option that could work for me. I remember the first time I put one on I was scared. I wasn't sure if I was putting it on correctly lol. It took a few tries, but once I got it on and styled I started crying. It looked so much like my hair before I started losing it. I realized that I was going to be ok. I learned so much from other women and met several through Hairless Sisterhood. These women changed my life, and I hope to do the same for others, just like me!

Hi I'm Donna of
I became interested in wigs about 13 years ago after I decided to grow out my hair...I had always worn it in a short pixie and was hoping to finally experience longer hair. Being a real estate broker, it was important for me to always look “put together” and the risk of bad hair days during my journey to longer bio hair was not an option. As my hair began to grow, I realized that it was fine, frizzy and receding at the hairline. Plus, the extra work in maintaining a longer bio hair style was more than I had expected. Another realization was that I loved my wigs! It was at this point that I decided to cut my hair back to a pixie and continue wearing wigs. My current collection exceeds 100 and through the years, I have donated many wigs to the local cancer clinic.
At the outset of my wig wearing journey, I was extremely confident in my choice to wear wigs. My biggest issue was that I knew absolutely nothing about wigs or the wig wearing community. I didn’t know ANYONE who wore wigs. It was a lonely path and I had to learn everything by trial and error. It was not until about 10 years into my journey that I realized there was a wealth of information and assistance out there for wig wearers. My advice to myself would be “don’t feel like you are in this your research and reach out for advice - it is limitless”.
I’ve never had an issue surrounding confidence within the scope of wig wearing as from the beginning, I sought out wigs and embraced all they stood for. I had little regard for the way others felt about my wigs. They make me feel amazing I’ve learned that a well-chosen wig can totally change my outlook on life. My experience with wearing wigs has been so positive that sharing that experience with others has become a passion. Whether they are experiencing hair loss due to medical reasons or seeking a change in their own personal style, I want everyone to know that something as simple as wearing a wig can empower and inspire them to become the best version of themselves.
What I love about wearing wigs is the versatility they offer and the endless array of styles and colors available. I can be a different (looking) person every day. I love hair-mail days - they are some of my favorite days! The arrival of new wigs in the mail makes me happy, so happy that I can't wait to try them on! And, I love the fact that my husband is so supportive of my choice to wear wigs but if I had to narrow it down, the thing I love most about wearing wigs it would be seeing the surprise on the faces of other women who compliment my hair, when I tell them I wear wigs and watching the smile on their faces light up the room. It’s like a light bulb went on in their heads and they now see a personal path forward with beautiful hair again.


Hi! I'm Marcie. My hair began thinning in my thirties. At the time, I didn't know toppers existed and I'd never considered wigs. I consulted with my hair stylist for solutions, but no one offered alternative hair to consider. We discussed extensions, but they don't add volume to the crown, which is where I was thinning. I experimented with sprinkle-in hair-like fibers, to create the illusion of density and coverage. The fibers worked but they weren't satisfying. For years, I wore my hair pulled up in the front with a little springy clip, to create the appearance of volume on top of my head. It was the only solution I tried that worked. I had the most uninteresting hairstyle ever!
Fast forward to about a year ago and I was scrolling social media. I saw a post about a wig that stopped me in my tracks. I couldn't believe a wig could be so beautiful. I immediately thought, "I'd wear that. It's gorgeous!" That discovery started my search for knowledge and information. I became a student of wigs. I spent all my evenings watching YouTube wig reviews. Taz (of Taz's Wig Closet) became my virtual mentor. I learned everything I could before placing my first order. However, because my first choice was on backorder, I ordered a wig that most closely matched my bio hair. (I have a pinned reel on my Instagram account called My First Wig, in which I talk about my first wig purchase.) I was lucky I chose well. However, even with that gorgeous wig, I was overwhelmed when I first put it on. My bio hair was so thin and fine that my new wig looked foreign to me. It looked too thick and bulky. But I needed time to adjust to my new reflection in the mirror. My brain literally had to accept my new appearance. I spent hours sitting in my room getting comfortable. I watched TV with my wig on, all by myself, before I ever let anyone see me wear it. I eventually gained confidence, to let my family see me in it and to then venture outside my home. For my grandson's T-Ball game, I wore my new wig and I expected everyone to stare and immediately recognize it was a wig. No one did. I felt conspicuous but I was just a woman with nice hair and no one noticed or cared. I eventually became confident enough to wear a wig to my office Christmas party. It was funny because I worked in the office that day and had boring hair and then showed up to the party with gorgeous hair. Everyone thought I went to the salon after work. But I decided before ever receiving my first wig I would tell people I wore them. I didn't want the added stress of keeping a secret. It was just easier to be open. So starting that night, I told my colleagues I had started wearing wigs in my personal life and I've never regretted it. I now wear different styles and colors to the office on days I commute. I have only experienced support.
Since then, sharing wigs has become my biggest source of joy and satisfaction. I feel I have more purpose. I help people. I am transparent about wig-wearing. If I get a compliment, I lean-in like I'm telling the biggest secret and admit I'm wearing a wig. Being open creates wig conversations. If we are to eliminate wig negativity, we need more wig conversations. We must share our experiences to open hearts and minds to wig-possibilities.


I started loosing hair about 5 years ago, but it wasn’t until a year ago that my hair loss took a dramatic turn for the worse. I lost 30% of my hair over the course of a few weeks and knew it was time to see a doctor. I saw a series of doctors from my primary to a dermatologist to a rheumatologist⋯ all ordered test after test. Long story short, my doctors informed me that my body was having an autoimmune response and that it was likely my body was attacking my hair follicles. As the doctor walked me out, she looked me in the eyes and said, “you know, your hair loss isn’t THAT bad, I’ve seen worse⋯” As well meaning as those words were, they cut me like a dagger because in my mind, it undermined the grief I was experiencing related to my hair-loss.
I went home from that appointment discouraged and frustrated. That night, in my Instagram scrolling, I came across an account that highlighted alternative hair and I was completely blow away! I had no idea alternative hair could look so natural and realistic. I spent the following weeks learning as much as I could about this new world of alternative hair. I was scheduled to have a procedure in November that would cause additional hair loss on my scalp and that was when I decided, it was time to purchase my first wig!
Fast forward to today, I now have a collection of wigs and toppers that I wear daily. Toppers and wigs have been the best, and only, hair loss solution that has worked for me. Today I have even less bio hair than I did a year ago, and yet, I possess more self assurance and confidence than ever before. Now, instead of seeing my hair loss as apart of my brokenness, I see it as apart of my beauty. Now I get to help others navigate this world of hair loss and alternative hair and find hope and community. And that makes it all worth it!


“ My name is Kristina. I have had alopecia for over 23 years now. My alopecia was triggered by stress, I was bullied at high school and my step mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was a really tough time. At 15 my hair began to fall out, it wasn’t a fast process, it took years for it to eventually fall out completely. I was diagnosed with Alopecia by a dermatologist in my late teens. At the beginning I use to wear hats to cover my hair loss. Then in my twenties I finally tried a good wig, and everything changed. I felt confident to leave my house wearing a wig, and this was a huge breakthrough for me.
I barely spoke to anyone about my alopecia, I felt unable to speak to even my friends about it. So whenever someone said to me “your hair looks nice”, I’d just smile and say “thank you”. It really has only been this year, so 23 years later that I’ve felt comfortable to tell anyone that would ask about my hair loss. This is all thanks to the hair loss community. I feel so blessed to have found such amazing women who share a similar story to me. Three months ago (in June) I uploaded my first bald photo to my Instagram page and now I hope that I can help women across the world feel a little more confident in their own skin.
My advice to anyone facing hair loss is to do what suits you. If you don’t want to tell people, that’s ok. If you need time to grieve, take it. Every single person is different in how they cope with hair loss and that’s ok. I still haven’t left my front door bald, maybe one day I will. Maybe I won’t. But that’s my choice. You do you, as they say.”