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How to choose your wig color?

Buying a wig is exciting. With a simple color change, you can instantly change your look. Plus, it's faster and easier to try new colors and it won't damage your natural hair. When making your choice, don't forget to consider your skin tone, eye color and personality. Once you've met your "color", you'll discover a new confident you.

How do I choose the right lace wig cap construction?

A. Glueless Wig Cap

This lace cap is convenient for wearing and securing for application without glue (or with a little glue) so as to be very suitable for customers who are allergic to glue.


Glue-less cap is user friendly because it comes ready to wear and more versatile. Besides, it does not require the use of adhesive (glue) while wearing.


As the glueless lace wigs are secured by combs/pins, if not properly secured, it is easy for the wig to slip or slide away.

B. Lace Front Wig Cap

It's lace in front and machine weft at back, in front is handmade. Very natural hairline in front.

No need to adhere the nape of the wig (you only need to glue it/ or secure it down from ear to ear), A great option for beginners.

High ponytail is not available with this cap, and you can only part it as far as the lace panel extends.

How to Measure your head size?

Just as you would consider the size for a new top or pair of shoes before you buy, considering correct wig measurements is essential for a comfortable fit.

If you are buying one of our many gorgeous wigs, one of your first priorities should be looking up how to measure your head for a wig. This is a straightforward procedure that will ensure your wig measurements are right for you.

Here is our size chart: