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Tips on how to make your wig look natural


Background Intro:

Whether you wear a wig to cover up hair loss, or just want to change a style - I suppose we all admit that we want the wig to look as natural as possible. There's nothing more embarrassed than someone looking at your hairline during a conversation, right?

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Get A Seamless Look: Tips For Blending Natural Hair And Lace Front Wigs

Here are comprehensive tips on how to make your wig look natural.

Choose a suitable wig:

Choosing a perfect wig may be a challenging task. But don't worry! Just follow the tips as bellow.

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Wig Cap Size

A wig's size is an extremely crucial factor for the appearance of the wig wearer. Wearing the wrong size of the wig can easily make other people realize he/she is wearing a wig.

If the wig is too small, it will slide back, revealing bio hair or wig cap of the wearer; If the wig is too big, it will slide to both sides, triggering a very abnormal appearance.

Therefore, before purchasing a wig, be sure to use measurement tools to measure your head to ensure that you have purchased a wig of the appropriate size.

Face shape

Although this may play a vital role in choosing a synthetic wig as they are all pre-styled, it is not as important for human hair wigs with high diversity. For a synthetic wig with limited styling options, remember to choose the style that best suits your face shape - tassels, bangs, side parting, etc.

round face:

  • suitable: side-parted wavy bob, high bun.
  • not suitable: curly short hair, blunt bangs.

diamond face:

  • suitable: wavy curls, slightly curled jaw-length short hair.
  • not suitable: blunt bangs

square face:

  • suitable: full fringe, clavicle-length curl
  • not suitable: thick bangs, straight hair

long face:

  • suitable: wavy curls, straight short hair
  •  not suitable: center parting, long hair, bun

Skin tone

Before purchasing a wig, you should have a rough idea of the color you want. It's best to choose the color suits your skin tone. Skin tone types are generally divided into three categories: warm tone, cool tone, and neutral tone.

warm tone: dark brown, reddish brown, orange brown, golden brown

cool tone: greenish gray, cool brown, platinum blondes, light orange

neutral tone: suitable for almost all hair colors

Tips when installing a wig:

Add a band inside the cap

The most effective ways to keep the lace edge in its original state is to add a band inside the cap, which will not only ensure the fit of the wig cap, but also allows the front end of the wig to better fit the scalp.

Moreover, since there is no need to use a lot of glue and styling spray to secure the wig, if you change your mind or get the wrong position, you can easily move the wig, which prevents glue from clumping on the lace, prolonging the interval between washing the wig.

Style baby hairs

Human hair wigs usually have some baby hairs, which need some styling. You can use a curling iron to iron them into waves and strands. Of course, you can also leave them straight. The best way is to apply some hair gel to the toothbrush and then comb the baby hairs neatly, so that the baby hairs will not be straight down or forward.

Prepare a tape

If your real hair is darker than your wig, maybe after you put on your wig, you can see the part line is dark. What you can do is to purchase a kind of medical micropore tape, which will make a difference!

Just put it on your own hair and then line the part up on your wig with this tape so it’s going to look like scalp underneath that lace area where the part would be more natural than what it just did without the tape.

Ear tabs or side burns

Many wigs are designed with ear tabs that are sewn into the underside of the wig cap to cover the side burns. If you don’t like them, you can cut them off. You can easily pull out your bio hair to make side burns, which can also make the wig look more realistic. But if your hairline is too far back or if you have no bio hair, you can retain your ear tabs and make yourself look like you have side burns.

Cover up unbleached knots

If a wig has unbleached knots, it will fail to blend perfectly with the scalp. Maybe it can be easily secured in place only with some clips. Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem of unnatural-looking triggered by unbleached knots.

To achieve a more natural look, there is a simple and quick way to cover up unbleached knots, that is, apply some liquid foundation inside the wig cap where the unbleached knots are.

Just apply liquid foundation on the back of your hand or squeeze a proper amount of liquid foundation on the makeup brush, and then cover the bottom of the lace with the brush. If using air brush spray, spray it onto the lace 6 inches away from the lace.

The makeup removal process is relatively simple, just use shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair.

Please ensure that the color of liquid foundation is the same one you are wearing that day so that the hair follicles of the wig won't look so dazzling, and the lace won't look very obvious.

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Pluck the wig hairline

Why you should pluck the wig hairline?

Sometimes, wigs have a lot of hair on the hairline. This is nice because you would rather seemingly have more hair than have a wig with thin edges.

When it comes to lace wigs, the key lies in the hairline. Plucking a wig is using tweezers to remove excess hair around the wig's hairline. Imagine a wig that has never had its hair plucked, which will be super straight.

If you look at your realistic hairline, you will find that the length of your hair strands is not the same. This is because the new hair is constantly growing. So, unless you want the wig to look like a helmet, you had better pick up tweezers and remove excess hair.

How to pluck the wig hairline?

Try on a wig and see where your natural hairline is. If you find too much hair on the wig, you can take off the wig and use small eyebrow tweezers to remove the excess hair.

The closer to the natural hairline your wig is, the more natural appearance it achieves. After clamping the wig with a clip without using glue, it can blend seamlessly you’re your natural hair.

Pluck one hair at a time as you move from the hairline to the end of the part. Plucking in rows helps to prevent a part that's too wide.

 If one row of plucking isn't enough for your wig and your overall look, pluck another row of hairs in the direction of your part. You probably won't need to pluck more than two rows of hairs.

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Cut a bang on your wig

If methods above don't work, try to cut a bang on your wig. If you pluck the wig hairline too long or cut the lace too far back, you can also try this method. If the wig has a curly texture, adding a bang can help you cover up unnatural-looking parts.

Wear a wig on the hair head, use a rattail comb to pull out some hair from the front of the wig and then pull it forward. If your wig is a smooth wig, you need to be cautious and precise. If it is curly or wavy, it offers more room for you to deal with some imperfections.

Cut the hair you pulled forward horizontally, please remember to cut it as close to the eyelids as possible. At first, cut the bang a bit longer, and then cut more details as needed.

Tips for maintenance and care:

Protect the wig from heat

When you open the oven door or cook on the stove, most wigs will be damaged by heat. If you wear a wig while cooking, please wear a headscarf or tuck the wig under a hat to protect your wig.

Wash your wig regularly

Shampoo it every two to three weeks. But you keep in mind that the less a wig is shampooed, the longer it will last. Remember don't comb your wig immediately after washing it, just comb it into your original hairstyle after drying it completely.

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How To Prepare And Wash Your Hairpiece?

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned comprehensive tips on how to make the wig look natural, go ahead and try some of them out! If you want to learn more about it, visit, which will give you a lot of practical knowledge. We warmly welcome you!

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