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Trendy spring hairstyles to fresh up your look



Background Intro:

In spring, people pay special attention to a type of trend: spring haircuts trend. Spring is the ideal time to change a new style freshen up your look.

This season makes almost everyone want to clean their room or update their wardrobe. We see the world changing around us with new growth, new life, and beautiful colors,

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Here are some hottest hair trends you can refer to to make yourself take on a new look.


It is hoped that someone who has shoulder length hair can also start accepting a kind of beauty calls "shullet", which is a fun crossover between a shag and a mullet.

Shullet fashion is suitable for many hair types and texture, and for those who want to be cool, avant-garde, and want to get rid of one length cut.

The short internal layers make shullet haircuts look fluffy and stylish, while maintaining the length structure. For wavy textured hair, this haircut can make it more layered.

If you are looking for a way to supplement the natural texture and dimension of your natural curls, you can ask your salon stylist to recreate a hairstyle similar to shullet.


It is obvious that, as the name "PIXIE BOB" implies, it is a blend of the two hairstyles of the pixie cut and the bob.

This cool hairstyle makes it difficult to distinguish whether it is a bob or a pixie at first glance. It is something in between a short bob nor a long pixie. 

It looks shorter than the normal bob and has much more texture. Bixie offers a diverse range of styling options, making it a perfect solution for those who enjoy trying out daily styling.

If your face shape allow, this haircut is a wonderful blend of pixie and bob. It is extremely textured and layered, making it eye-catching to everyone no matter where you go.

Curly Fringe

Curly fringe usually goes viral in spring. Due to the success of curtain bangs, this hairstyle will become more popular now, especially in spring.

Curly fringe can utilize the effect of bangs on modifying the eyes and enhancing cheekbones. This hairstyle is suitable for any type of curly hair, as it are relatively low-maintenance to maintain compared to full fringe and are able to instantly transform the style into a modern look.

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Besides, it fits for thicker hair because it requires a certain amount of weight to lock in the curls and prevent hair from flowing.

Generally speaking, you can wear this beauty anywhere from walking on the red carpet, relaxing by the seaside, to dinner dates with your boyfriend.


Y2K fashion is an avant-garde and unconventional hairstyle, including space buns and asymmetrical bob, baby braids, upturned hair tails, and accessories such as butterfly clips.

There are actually no rules in Y2K style so it’s easy to make it your own style.

The Y2K trend that people often add into their hairstyles is spiky bun. It is a hairstyle that folds hair back into a bun, but is designed to make hair into a pointed shape, rather than a smooth and round appearance.

Hair is usually highlighted, tousled, or combed backwards to increase natural texture and height, thus resulting in a spiky appearance.

Blunt Bob

Blunt bob is a shoulder-length or chin-length cut that can achieve super straight sleekness.

Depending on the hair textures, it can be easily styled, such as blowing out soft waves or naturally curling hair.

Although blunt bob is not limited by the season, it will appear sharp and fashionable this spring. Bobs are usually plump, and their razor-sharp hair tails have unexpected charm in spring.

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The short hair is very suitable for spring. It has no layers, which it has low maintenance. Blunt bob haircuts fit for every hair type because it can be fluffy, curly or smooth, which it is especially suitable for people who pursue thick hair styling.


A shag haircut can be done as one wishes.

It can be short or long, exaggerated or subtle—short length is fashionable and sexy, medium length easily enables you a messy style, while long length is known for their incredible all-over layers.

Although the possibilities are infinite, most shag cuts are featured by creating layers and shaping face shapes.

Overall, shag is cut by pulling hair forward, with a stronger contrast in layers, rather than normal long hair layers. Whether you’re trying to add texture, or volume to your hair, shag cut will offer a versatile and trendy style. 

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a softer and more personalized presentation of straight bangs, aimed at modifying one's bone structure and highlighting some facial features.

Perfect curtain bangs can soften and balance facial lines. Whether you choose long bangs in center part to pull open the cheekbones or a more forward bangs to accentuate the eyebrow line, the goal is all to stand out your positive features.

Depending on the thickness of your haircuts, it can feel very fluffy or almost non-existent. When your hair stands up, you can stuff it into other parts of your hair, and when you want it to be more fluffy, you can also pull it forward.

Curtain bangs are neither just side bangs or fringes, nor just about shaping the face shape. It falls between the two and is suitable for most lengths and texture of hair.

High Ponytail

High ponytail was a popular hair trend in the 1990s that is still prevalent today. Both fashionable and practical, it is one of the most versatile spring styles.

No matter the hair type, hair color or haircut(if you do hair extensions), anyone can wear it and it looks really great. The reason why high ponytail is popular is because it is both versatile and simple to do.

A sleek and straight high ponytail complements formal attire, while a messy wavy high ponytail is a great idea for creating a fun and casual look.

No matter what your preferences or personal styles are, this quick style will always be a nice choice.

Hand-tied extensions

Hand-tied extensions are a type of hair extension. There are various types of hair extensions on the market, including hand-tied extensions, machine extensions, tie extensions, and independent bonded extensions.

Hand-tied extensions are highly favored due to their slender and lightweight structure, which are the best type of hair extension for creating luxurious fluffiness, length, and volume.

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Adding hand-tied extensions to your favorite spring haircuts is a simple way to increase hair length, while also perfectly blend with your natural hair.

There are multiple hair colors to choose from, which are convenient to match and allow you to fully enjoy long hair and new styles without triggering long-term effects in spring.

Wolf cut

Just as its name implies, wolf cut is a bit wild due to lots of fluffy, wavy, and broken hair layers. These layers are cut short around the crown to create volume, while the back layers are longer, thus resembling the shape of a mullet head.

Wolf Cut combines the shag and mullet for a textured, effortless look. It's perfect for adding volume and movement to all hair types, which is one of the most popular spring haircuts to freshen up your look.

Thanks to the 1.2 billion views it garnered on celebrity and influencer feeds.

Plus, its low maintenance and choppy crop which works for different hair types makes it a popular choice in spring.


The name of C-cut comes from its C-shape layers around the face. Some salon stylists prefer to use razors to trim to achieve full textures and volume of hair.

C-cut usually has jaw-length or longer layers, which seamlessly extend along the length of hair.

It is almost suitable for every hair color or hair texture, but it attracts most to those who suffer from thinning hair want to get rid of one length cut. C-cut makes hair look smoother. Therefore, this hairstyle is very elastic after heat styling.

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If you like to roll up your hair, it is also a nice choice. It is suggested that you leave out the hair ends to make the face lines softer.

Final Thoughts

There's nothing like a change in seasons to inspire a fresh new hairstyle. Spring is all about new beginnings, which means there's no better time to breathe fresh life into your hair with a most popular cut. Are you ready to enter the season with flattering spring hairstyles? Whichever style you take a shine to, have a try right now! If you want to learn more spring hairstyles, visit, which will give you a lot of practical knowledge. We warmly welcome you!

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