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Trendy summer haircuts that look cool


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The summer season is on the corner, are you bored with long hair and tortured by the unbearable summer heat? Are you hesitant whether you should keep your locks long or chop it all off? Are you seeking for a shorter cut than you're used to?

Now, it is the perfect time to take a look at getty images of trendy haircuts to stay stylish and fresh for summer 2024.

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Hair Inspo Alert: 40 Refreshing Summer Haircuts To Try In 2023

Messy Bun

Hot weather indicates that it's time to add some updo hairstyles to your head. This effortless style can prevent your hair from sticking to your neck or blocking your face.

This hairstyle provides a lot of versatility, which is suitable for almost every hair type and can be used in various occasions such as a wedding or a party.

Turn your head upside down and tie your hairs into a normal ponytail. A high one or a low one is up to your preference.

Pull out a small part of hair from it and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Then pull out another part from the ponytail and wrap it around the front part.

Repeat the same steps and finally secure with a hair tie.

Blunt Bob

Being eye-catching and sharp, blunt bob is suitable for various face shapes and hair types, especially square face and thin hair.

Most blunt cut hairstyles are straight to show accurate lines and natural texture, let alone blunt bob, which makes your hair look thicker and healthier.

Blunt Bob is a typical single-length style, which is avant-garde and exquisite. It looks stunning on almost everyone and gradually becomes the apple of celebrity hairstylist.

Depending on different hair textures, blunt bobs can be easily styled to your desired look such as soft wave or natural curly hair.

Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bob looks stunning on women who seek for a fashionable but low-maintenance cut. If appropriately styled, fit can effortlessly transform from casual to exquisite.

This classic cut is normally chin-length or shoulder-length, which is shorter than other summer hairstyles

Shaggy lobs are not only easy to style, but also increases more volume, creating a leisurely youthful atmosphere.

As one of the most popular bob haircuts, this layered bob combines short hair with shag cut to create a messy but cool look.

Shaggy bob is a kind of evolution of classic bob, which is famous for its fluffy layers and natural texture.

Pixie Cut

Featuring by more length both around the back and on two sides, this chic style is normally suitable for sharp-edged face shape and pixie-like face features. Round and heart-shaped faces can also have a try on this summer style.

As one of the most popular summer haircuts, pixie cut is not only cool and versatile, but also gloriously low maintenance, which allows for effortless styling.

If choosing proper length and style, the diverse variations of pixie cuts will be the perfect way to achieve face-framing and cool looks.

If you have thick hair, this chic style will be full of texture and easy to manage. If your volume is thin, you can also choose a gorgeous pixie cut to increase the sense of dimension and natural volume of your hair.

You can also try various backwards-combed or fluffy pixie cuts, as well as curls or asymmetrical pixie cuts, which are all summer hairstyles in vogue.

Butterfly Layers

They are a perfect balance between short layers and long layers, offering a dimension and vitality to your hair.

The face-framing and choppy layers can highlight your face features and outline the contours of your face.

While the slightly longer layers fall below the shoulders to keep the overall appearance of the long locks. It looks like the wings of a butterfly, which is the source of its name.

This chic haircut can add body and volume to all kinds of hair textures, creating a fresh and fashionable look. However, it may not be a good choice for people with fine hair, which will make your hair look sparser.

This chic haircut has the volume of short hair without the need to cut off any length. On the contrary, it can remove hair weight and broken ends, making your hair plump and elastic, at the same time maintaining the overall shape.

High Ponytail

The reason why it is prevalent is because it is both versatile and simple to do. A sleek and straight one complements formal attire in some important occasions, while a messy wavy one is nice to create a fun and cool look.

Generally speaking, no matter what your preferences are, this quick hairstyle will never let you down.

High ponytail is an extremely simple hairstyle: you just need to gather your entire hair at the top of your head and then secure it with a hairband. You can also add some accessories to make you look cuter.

But please keep in mind that continuously wearing high ponytail will cause damage to the hair follicles. The hair on the damaged follicles cannot regrow, giving rise to permanent hair loss.

Curtain Bangs

As its name suggests, Curtain bangs do for your face is what a curtain does for a window. It normally begins shorter from the middle and then becomes longer around the face.

Curtain bangs are suitable for people with medium or short foreheads, as well as those who do not pursue a full-forehead look.

Every face shape and hair type will look gorgeous on this haircut. When other part of hair is rolled up, the face-framing strands can effortlessly create a cool look.

Depending on the thickness of your haircut, it can feel very fluffy or almost non-existent. It's not just bangs or fringes. Instead, it falls between the two and is suitable for most lengths of hair.

Curtain bangs are a softer and more personalized evolution of classic bangs, aimed at modifying your skeletal structure and bring out your face features.

Whether you choose long bangs in the center to pull open the cheekbones or thicker bangs to accentuate the eyebrow line, they all serves for highlighting all your positive face features.

Internal Layers

They are a kind of hair cutting technique that can increase softness and natural hair texture to hair.

Different from traditional layers that mainly removes the length of the ends, this haircut cuts layers inside the hair and hides them below the top layer.

Internal layers help to form more shapes inside the hair, creating a new look with more volume. Whether you have curly or straight hair, this haircut is perfect for those who want to increase their volume.

Layered haircuts can be prohibitive for those with fine hair because they will make hair look messy. Why not wear this hairstyle to make your hair thick and elastic?

Beachy Waves

Beach waves get the name because they stand for the hair after spending a day on the beach. Natural waves will gradually occur under the joint efforts of salt, and sea wind.

To achieve stunning waves, just create more layers around your face while longer layers backwards.

Beach waves look like loose curls or soft waves, which can be achieved by many methods such as using a curling iron or braiding damp hair depending on your hair texture.

The most common way is to use curling iron. First, divide your hair into upper and lower parts and left and right sides. Take the curling iron and hold the clip forward.

Put about one inches of hair into the clip and leave two inches of hair tail to form beach waves. At last, remove the curling iron away from the face. Repeat the steps until the entire hair is all curled.

French Bob

This new hairstyle is to create a sharp cut at any position from the cheekbones to the chin. If You can also add wavy fringes to create a soft silhouette.

French bob is usually slightly shorter than common bobs. It can fit tightly and highlights the cheekbones.

The classic style of it boldly extends above the chin, paired with obtuse edges and face-framing bangs, all of which are wrapped in a nonchalant look.

The inspiration for French bob comes from the free Parisians, initially with bobs cut below the ears and above the chin, paired with bangs at the eyebrow line. In that era, French bob stands for a bold fashion statement, symbolizing an unrestrained woman who does not follow the flow and is full of desire for life.

Wolf Cut

This cool style is a cone-shaped hairstyle that cuts short layers from the top of the head and gradually elongates towards the end of the hair. It is featured by rich layering, with thick volume on the top of the head, which looks like a combination of shag and mullet.

This sexy hair requires a certain degree of care to maintain its avant-garde charm. If you seek for a low maintenance hairstyle that doesn't need to do regular styling and maintenance, wolf cut may not be suitable for you.

As long as proper adjustments are made according to your face features, this cool style can look stunning on all face shapes. The chopper and face-framing layers around the face make it a grat choice for round face shapes.

It can be as you please, depending on the length you want (mid-length cut or shoulder-length cut) and how messy it is designed. Overall, the goal is to make it hit the spot, offering a relaxed and fresh look, but not too complicated to do changeable styling.

Side Bangs

If you don't want to fresh up your overall style, why not just change your bangs? Side bangs have proven their timeless appeal for several seasons and seem to never go out of style.

Side bangs refer to hair that is cut shorter than other parts of hair, which sweep towards one side of your face and slant across the forehead along the natural radian of your hairline.

Different in length and texture, side bangs can flexibly soften some face features that gradually become stiff with age and help you avoid flat hair.

If you have straight hair, you can spray water on your bangs, use your fingers to pull down the hair and then blow dry the bangs. If you have wavy hair, you can use a small cylindrical comb to blow dry in the opposite direction of the hair falling and then comb them to the right side.

Final Thoughts

As the new season approaches, why not fresh up your look by seeking for trending haircuts to beat the heat? Hope these getty images can give you some inspirations. If you want to learn more about trending haircuts, please visit, which will give you a lot of practical knowledge of summer haircuts. We warmly welcome you!

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