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What Hair Color Should You Choose for Winter?


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In winter, the sight of snowflakes falling gently from the sky always brings a sense of magic and wonder. Changing a new hair color in winter is also a miraculous way to make people feel comfortable and amazed. So it is time for us to think about what hair we should get for the coming winter.

What hair color should you choose for winter? 

We take it for granted that our skin are divided into three tones: Warm skin tone, neutral skin tone and cool skin tone. Here are some tips to make a distinguish what color tone you.Look at the underside of your wrist. If your veins appear greenish you likely have a warm skin tone, your skin tone is warm color tone. So warm hair colors are suitable for you. If you have bluish veins and a more pinkish complexion, you probably have cool skin. So cool hair colors are good for you. If you likely have bluish-green veins, and your skin is neutral skin tone. Lucky you! Most of colors are fit for you.

Here are 21 hair colors for you to choose. Let scroll down and have a look!  


#1 Copper Tones

Copper hair color is a lively, warm tone made of shades of red, brown, bronze and orange. And its color resembles a shiny new penny which is full of metallic vibrancy. It is also a member of the redhead family. However, it is more prevalent and brighter than the usual russet shades. If you choose this color, you will be eye-catching everywhere.

#2 Ginger Brown   

Ginger brown hair is one of the most noteworthy colors for winter 2023. It is a warm brown which is used to gingerbread colors with other warm neutrals to create a warm color atmosphere. If you are interested in this color, you can have your colorist use a balayage technique to gently blend the ginger with darker roots. Then you will be attractive in this season.

#3 Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is a hair color between blonde and redhead, with a subtle pink hue. Strawberry blonde hair looks blonde in dim light, but when exposed to sunlight or bright light, the hair may take on a slight pink or red color. It is a famous warm reddish blonde shade that looks sophisticated and beautiful in some of its variants. It's worth a try in winter.

#4 Dark Brown

Dark brown is a dark shade of brown. There's a main reason dark brown hair is so popular among celebrities and influential: No matter how you do it, dark brown is a classic color. If you want to choose this color, the countless variations are provided for you. Whether you're looking for a fresh, natural color or want to be bold with a striking, balanced tone, each hue has its own beauty.

#5 Cinnamon Spiced Chestnut Brown

Cinnamon hair color is inspired by the sweet spice of the same name. This warm reddish-brown shade is deep, dimensional, and can be customized to suit any skin tone. It has been streaming for many years and has many loyal fans. So, let's have a try now.

#6 Ice Blonde

Ice blonde hair color is bright, gray, and cool-toned. There is no warmth which exists in honey blonde or strawberry blonde hair colors in it. Ice blonde hair is similar to platinum blonde hair in terms of brightness, but ice blonde hair has a greater emphasis on gray tones. Overall, it is a cutting-edge hair color with great brightness and cool tones that keeps many people coming back for more.

#7 Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde hair color involves reducing the bright pigmentation of blonde hair to cooler shades such as off-white, silver, metallic and pearl. Platinum blonde color, like the ring you wear, will have a similar tone in the hair and can be darkened or lightened to match your preference and skin tone. So why we not take it into account?

#8 Ash Brown Balayage

Ash brown hair color is a richer, darker shade of ash blonde hair color. It's like a brunette version of a dark smoky blonde. Unlike warm browns like chocolate brown or reddish tones like chestnut hair color, ash brown hair is heavily influenced by gray tones, making it a cool hair color. Ash brown balayage is a popular hair color that uses dark to medium brown as a base and adds thick, hand-painted gray and silver highlights for a blended, sun-kissed effect.

#9 Mahogany

Typically, mahogany hair is described as a reddish-brown color. However, it can also have a very subtle violet hue, much like the deep, rich wood for which it is named. It's one of the darkest red hair colors you can create - rivaling burgundy and wine red - making it a dream for anyone who loves a deep, dramatic look. Mahogany hair can be either warm or cool, depending on the blend you create. For example, if you want to be on the cooler side, you can add a bit of violet to the mahogany hue, while using a warmer red will give you a little extra richness. Anyway, mahogany is a hair color for all skin tones. Let's act!

#10 Caramel Balayage

Caramel Balance is a gorgeous way to give brown hair dimension and a sun-kissed look without daily maintenance. And it works best on light or dark brown canvas and is one of the most popular requests from stylists due to the wide range of shades it offers. From subtle and sophisticated to bold and glamorous, this warm color can be applied in a number of different ways.

#11 Dark Chocolate

Similar to the chocolate brown fall hair color trend, winter calls for rich shades. This particular shade of brown hair is a slightly richer shade that can make your hair look super shiny. In winter, a lot of people like to color their hair darker, so downplaying the highlights and sticking to an all-over dark color is a great option.

#12 Creamy Blonde

Creamy blonde is a light blonde color that is mixed with buttery, yellow-toned blonde hair to create a final look of warm and cool tones. To achieve this look, a hair colorist will use bleach to remove the color from the hair before applying the creamy blonde tones. It will make you look like a budding star.

#13 Snow   

Whether you're strolling through a winter wonderland or living somewhere warm and dreaming of a fresh blanket of snow, this icy cold shade is the perfect choice for your winter hair color. It makes your hair become the lightest and brightest.

#14 Butter Blonde

Buttery blonde shades give hair a healthy, sunny look that accentuates the wearer's natural beauty. Buttery blondes look effortlessly outgoing, full of enthusiasm and a desire to live life to the fullest, and that can come from an exciting new hair color. Even better, it suits all skin tones.

#15 Jet Black

Jet black hair is a hair color with the deepest, darkest shades of black. The most common and popular hair color in the world - it is the perfect canvas for any hairstyle you can think of! Its unrivaled size, stunning shine and natural movement make it far from bland and simple. Hair as black as the night sky can give you a sense of elegance and mystery.

#16 Burgundy Red Hair

Burgundy is a red or white unblended wine from Burgundy. Burgundy hair adds depth and gives you a feeling of confidence. If you're thinking about changing your hairstyle but can't decide what color to try next, opt for a juicy burgundy hair color instead of a traditional shade.

#17 Espresso

Espresso hair color is rich, dark, and bold, just like coffee on a cold winter morning. This almost-black brown color is a must-have for winter year after year, so you won't regret trying this look yourself!

#18 Golden blonde

A color with natural highlights that can be considered a light brown or dark blonde. If you're not ready to let your brunette roots go wild, then put a golden blonde on your face. It will instantly refresh your look without having to make any serious commitments.

#19 Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink Hair is a soft and sophisticated version of pink, often blended with other lighter fashion colors such as blonde or even purple or worn alone. It suits any type of hair and skin tone and is super wearable!

#20 Dimensional Red

Dimensional red hair is created by using lighter colors and darker colors to create color contrast. Therefore, we decided to tone the darker red to lowlights and add color and highlights to enhance the red and create more brightness and dimension to the hair.

Final Thoughts

As is known to all, hair colors like chestnut, auburn, chocolate brown and caramel blonde are classic colors which people are willing to choose. In 2023, you can also choose from popular shades such as ginger, ash blonde, espresso or brown. Hurry up! it’s time to try to talk with your colorist or hairstylist about which color tone best suits your skin tone and matches the cold weather.

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